MCC Instructions - 2017 (Nandyal Assembly Constituency)
1 4078_1B1_27.07.2017_Applicabilty MCC
2 4078_2B1_27.07.2017_Applicabilty MCC
3 4078_3B1_27.07.2017_Applicabilty MCC
4 4078_4B1_27.07.2017_Applicabilty MCC
5 4078_5B1_27.07.2017_Transfer and Posting of officers
6 4078_6B1_27.07.2017_Compendium Instructions on MCC-2015
7 4078_7B1_27.07.2017_Compendium Instructions on EEM-2016
8 4078_8B1_28.07.2017_Depositing of fire Arms
9 4078_9B1_28.07.2017_Bundobust Plan
10 4078_10B1_28.07.2017_Restriction on printing of pamphlets
11 4078_11B1_28.07.2017_Magistrate Powers
12 4078_12B1_28.07.2017_Single Window System
13 4078_13B1_28.07.2017_Establishment of Control Room
14 4078_14B1_28.07.2017_Ban on display_advertisement
15 4078_15B1_29.07.2017_Restriction on issue and sale of liquor
16 4078_16B1_29.07.2017_Adverse news
17 4078_17B1_29.07.2017_Issue of Authority letters
18 4078_18B1_29..07.2017_Deployment of Officers and Staff
19 4078_20B1_29.07.2017_Randomization of Polling Personnel and Counting personnel_Dignity of Polling Staff
20 4078_21B1_29.07.2017_Deputation of election related officers to ECI
21 4078_22B1_31.07.2017_Bulk SMSs
22 4078_23B1_31.07.2017_Ban on engaghement of Child Labour in the election related activities
23 4078_24B1_02.08.2017_Appointment of Nodal Officers from IT dept
24 4078_25B1_02.08.2017_Appointment of Nodal Officers from Police and Excise
25 G.O Rt.No.1708_02.08.2017_Sec.28-A_Designating Police Officers
26 4078_29B1_05.08.2017_Latest instructions on MCC
27 4078_30B1_05.08.2017_Prohibition on sale of liquor and declaration of Dry Day in the Polling area
28 G.O Rt.No.1708_02.08.2017_Sec.28-A_Designating Police Officers
29 4078_34B1_08.08.2017_Star Campaigners of Recognised Political Parties under Sec.77
30 4078_35B1_09.08.2017_Exit Poll
31 4078_37B1_10.08.2017_Compendium of Instructions on Paid News_Spe-2015
32 4078_38B1_11.08.2017_Holiday Gazette
33 4078_39B1_11.08.2017_Exit Poll Gazette
34 4078_41B1_13.08.2017_48 Hours_Prohibition of Public meetings
35 4078_43B1_13.08.2017_Bulk SMSs_Prohibition on transmission of unauthorized bulk SMSs
36 4078_44B1_13.08.2017_48 Hours_Prohibition on displaying any election matter in any electronic media
37 4078_46B1_13.08.2017_Spl. CL to employees of Central Government Offices
38 4078_54B1_28.08.2017_Ceasure of MCC